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Trans women and pregnancy, childbirth

A Trans Woman’s Perspective

By Cassie Brighter

(…) Last fall I experienced a very strange emotional moment. I had woken up late on a Saturday, and was lost in thought in bed. More accurate would be to say I was feeling, rather than thinking.

Suddenly I was overcome by such an overwhelming wave of emotion I was sobbing. I sat up, and I was crying so intensely I was gasping for air. I feel self-conscious recounting it even now. You see, my body is still evolving. My breasts have grown, and I’m full of hormones. And suddenly it hit me, like a ton of bricks, that I will never, ever be pregnant, and will never birth children.

Even while sobbing, I was angry and frustrated — “I know this! Of course I know this.” And yet the feeling of loss wouldn’t subside. (…)

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