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The Weird and Wonderful Diversity of Nature

By Cassie Brighter

There are several vectors of human experience and expression. And all of them are nuanced, complex and a lot less predictable than previously prescribed.

Sexual Orientation (also called Sexuality, or Sexual Attraction) is nuanced, non-linear, and is affected by romantic drive, hormonal levels, social bias, cultural expectations and social/familial conditioning. Simplistically catalogued as Heterosexual, Homosexual or Bisexual or Pansexual, orientation manifests differently in each person. Some people’s orientation shifts over time. Some people’s orientation has a wider band and/or more flexible, some people’s is narrower and more rigid. Some people have a different romantic attraction than a sexual orientation. There is a riches of nuance.

Gender (also called Gender Identity) is a often described as a social construct. This does not equate to ‘imaginary’ or ‘less real.’ Gender is very palpable identifier for a vast percentage of humans.

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