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Cassie Brighter


by Cassie Brighter

Empowered Trans Woman was born out my own journey.

As I navigated all the anxiety and uncertainty of my own gender transition, I envisioned what would make my own transition less stressful. This led to my hosting the Empowered Trans Woman Summit – a digital conference, with major luminaries of trans advocacy as speakers – as well as surgeons, psychologists, a bioneurologist and several other experts.

The 2017 Summit included speakers such as Monica Helms (creator of the trans flag), Bamby Salcedo (founder of the Trans Latinx Coalition), Marci Bowers MD, Brynn Tannehill and other notable figures of the trans movement.

We became a community.

The success of this event led to the creation of a community on Facebook, then Instagram and Medium.

And, as these communities grew, my goal was to create one central hub for us.

This website is that hub.

Let’s have the Facebook experience without any of the Facebook hassle! Create your profile, join some groups, get into the topics.

Let’s get closer to one another during this time of social distancing!

Join Empowered Trans Woman today!

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