Bisexual, pansexual, transexual, transgender

A trans woman’s experience of the word “bisexual”

by Cassie Brighter

Two friends of mine posted on Facebook, separately, each making the point that the word Bisexual is being misunderstood. That the word intrinsically means “attracted to one’s gender, and to ask other genders.” Both of them referenced a recent article on The Mary Sue: Labels Are For You, Not Everyone Else —Why I’m Bisexual, Not Pansexual
And I do believe they’re earnest; and I understand why they say this.

Bisexual needs more visibility. We just now got our first openly bisexual elected state senator. It is still a novelty, a titillation, when you tell mainstream folks that you’re bisexual. Bisexual needs to be understood, and normalized.

That said, my experience of the word bisexual differs from the author’s. (…)

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