Transition and one's true self Gender Transition and Living “One’s True Self” Are Different Things November 24, 2017 READ MORE Are transgender children a trend? Why This Sudden Trans-Kids Trend? February 4, 2018 READ MORE Misgendering a trans person is an act of violence I Wasn’t ‘Annoyed’ At Your Misgendering Me February 10, 2018 READ MORE Coming out transgender to my ice cream man Tales of Transition: The Landscaper & The Ice Cream Man February 16, 2018 READ MORE Coming out transgender to your kids Coming Out Trans To Your Children February 18, 2018 READ MORE Cassie Brighter - Advocate and Writer The Long Journey to Self-Acceptance February 20, 2018 READ MORE Bisexual, pansexual, transexual, transgender I Like “Bisexual;” I Like “Pansexual” More. Here’s Why November 16, 2018 READ MORE Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Trans Women And The Danger of a Single Story November 16, 2018 READ MORE Trans woman and Lyft driver Trans 101 with my Lyft Driver December 20, 2018 READ MORE Trans March on DC Fuck Tolerance February 7, 2019 READ MORE Trans women and pregnancy, childbirth Trans Women May Soon Give Birth May 6, 2019 READ MORE Trans woman living Living My Best Life — They Tell Me June 23, 2019 READ MORE Lesbian trans woman romance Are Lesbians Who Don’t Sleep With Trans Women Bigots? July 6, 2019 READ MORE Gender, sex, orientation, presentation Sex, Gender, Orientation, Presentation July 11, 2019 READ MORE Nomi Marks, Sense8 The Brighter Test - Rules for Trans Representation September 27, 2019 READ MORE POSE, trans, surviving the HIV epidemic So Much Living Yet To Do October 10, 2019 READ MORE Gender and children “You Can’t Talk Gender To A Child” — And Other LIES You Tell October 11, 2019 READ MORE Gender Dysphoria On Dysphoria — Before, Enduring, and After October 13, 2019 READ MORE Choosing a new transgender name Choosing a New Name October 28, 2019 READ MORE Dabiv Bowie Invisible Magic Mask David Bowie's Magic Mask November 3, 2019 READ MORE Mistakes parents of trans kids make Skirting Gender: A Common Mistake Made by Parents of Trans Kids August 9, 2020 READ MORE
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David Bowie’s Magic Mask

Dabiv Bowie Invisible Magic Mask

“This is how you can feel brave in the world.” By Cassie Brighter I ran into this story about David Bowie. While I’m a big fan of authenticity and not wearing masks, I found this story to be charming, and its message empowering. Anyway, read on – and you...

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Choosing a New Name

Choosing a new transgender name

Names are funny little things. A name is a single word that represents an entire individual. From nothing more than a person’s first name you can make a whole host of assumptions, many of which will be true, and many will be false. You can deduce gender, ethnicity, social...

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Coming Out Trans To Your Children

Coming out transgender to your kids

A trans mom shares insights on coming out to one’s kids by Cassie Brighter I just recorded a video with my recollections from my process of coming out to my kids — and our journey together through my evolution from “Dad” to “Mom.” I figured I’d post a recap...

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Wigs for transgender women
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Trans Kids

Why This Sudden Trans-Kids Trend?

Are transgender children a trend?

Where are all these trans kids coming from? Some people are skeptical of this “new trend” of kids coming out as trans & non-binary at an early age. Why are there suddenly so many? I’ll tell you why. Because they’re less afraid of you people. I suspected, at nine....

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